Sunday, January 26, 2014


URGENT. The handsome young man just turned 13. He has OI and would like to open a restaurant one day. He loves to play games and has a joyful spirit. PLEASE CONSIDER ADOPTING THIS YOUNG MAN. HE HAS LIMITED TIME TO BE ADOPTED BEFORE HIS CHANCE OF ADOPTION IS GONE. He has less than a year left for a family! LPA will consider giving a larger grant toward his adoption - we are working on this now.

2 new girls available!!

Addy is a little girl with suspected Robinow Syndrome. She is 3 years old, and adorable. She lives in China and we have many pictures of her!

"Colleen" (: is an eight year old who lives in China. She is undiagnosed at this time - she may possibly have pseudoachondroplasia, but we are unsure. She loves art and music and has had an operation for scoliosis. She is definitely in need of a family as soon as possible!

Back on the list! This little guy is still available!

Look at how cute this little guy is! He's waiting for his family in China. He has achondroplasia and just turned two!

He's home!

Congratulations to "Steward's" family! We are so happy to hear that he is home!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

This little guy found his family!!! Yay!

Best news for this writer!

These girls have come home to their families. No more waiting for them!!

"Theodore" has found his family!

Great news for the end of 2013.... Let's hope that the process is easy and fast for Theodore and his waiting parents!