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We have so many families for so many of the children on our list, but....
Adoptions are expensive.

The families have enough money to raise another child in a loving home, but....
Adoptions are expensive.

Once a child with a special need turns 14 in China (and other countries), they are considered 'unadoptable' and could be institutionalized.  We feel confident that we can find families for all of them, but...
Adoptions are expensive.

Donate Today!

LPA has been providing adoption grants to help fund the adoption of children for the past several years, but we would like to increase the amount that we give.  It is our eventual goal to fund entire adoptions of older children.  If we fundraise successfully, we would love to provide funds for every single adoption for every child on our Waiting Child page.  Please donate to the Adoption Fund, and help these children get home to their families.  

*Make sure to click the Adoption Fund when you are donating!*

Any contribution is greatly appreciated.  No help is too small.
Thank you so much for your support!

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