Before you adopt...

In LPA, there are many opportunities to talk to adoptive parents who have been through adoption, and some of them have adopted several times. If you are interested in speaking to a family who has adopted before, even from the very country where your child is, we will try our best to direct you to a family who can tell you their experiences. We have had hundreds of adoptions through the years, and adoption is one piece of the dynamic culture within LPA. We are extremely proud of our adoptive culture.

We have families who can tell you not only the wonderful, amazing stories about adoption, but families who have had different struggles along the way. We feel that it is a benefit of this organization to be able to receive a well-rounded perspective about your potential adoption.

If you are interested in speaking with someone about their adoption experiences, please contact Colleen at


  1. Hi there,

    We may have spoken before. My name is Estrella Knutson. My husband Glenn and I are LP's and we had looked at a beautiful child in China. We wanted so much to adopt, and we still do. We were overwhelmed and it seems that international adoption is way out of our financial reach. We are both teachers at a small private school....and lets just say we do not do it for the money. I know that there is a waiting list for adopting an LP child in the US. How do we go about getting on that list? I am 45yrs old and my husband is 44. (In reality, are we too old)? We are licensed as foster/adopt parents in the state of Maryland. Our real desire is to have an LP son in our home. My heart is breaking but I don't want to give up. Just having a bad day I guess. Anyway, we would appreciate any information you can provide. Thank you for letting me ramble.

    Estrella Gonzalez-Knutson

  2. Does anyone know how strict China currently is on the $80K net worth. We meet all of the criteria except that one. There are so many children looking for homes and I really hope to give one or two of them a loving family and stable home to grow up strong in. Thank you for any help that you can provide.

  3. IS that e-mail also the one to inquire about further information regarding a child?

    1. I'm sorry to say that this post seems to be abandoned. No responses have ever been made to a comment here.

    2. Ah I was rather afraid of that. Thank you for letting me know!

  4. I have heard plenty of horror stories about adoption. I am a lucky and happy case. I put my story up, not to gloat or belittle anyone else, but as a counter to the negativity and anger I saw in the comments above mine. learn more