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LPA has been providing adoption grants to help fund the adoption of children for the past several years, but we would like to increase the amount that we give.  It is our eventual goal to help fund a majority of the costs for children who are 10 years old and up (and, if we have the funding, younger children as well).  Please donate to the Adoption Fund, and help these children get home to their families.  

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Waiting Children

Sylvia is an adorable 3 year old little girl who lives in the United States. She is a known giggler, and smiles very easily. She is very engaging and interacts with others all of the time. She has learned how to scoot on her back, and holds toys with both hands. Sylvia has campomelic dysplasia, and has a tracheotomy. She is considered medically fragile, and definitely will need to be followed closely by an experienced medical team. She is super adorable, and would love to find her family!

Justin just turned three years old and is from China. He is an adorable, delightful boy who loves to blow raspberries and make silly sounds and faces...a true class clown in the making. We suspect that he has either Diastrophic Dysplasia or SED, but we don't have confirmation on his diagnosis yet. We DO have a ton of pictures and video, though! He really, really wants to find his family and make them laugh!


Gigi is an adorable (oh so adorable) 3 year old with an undiagnosed type of dwarfism (we are trying to get more information as I type) - who lives in China. She loves music and LOVES her bath! She also likes to play outside and she smiles easily. She would love to find her family!

Acadia is very cute little girl who is 3 1/2  years old, and is from China. We think there is a chance she has Robinow syndrome, but there is no confirmation on that yet. She likes to happly jump, play games, and chase her friends. She also LOVES having her picture taken! She woudl love to find her family!

This is Nathan! He is listed as having Rickets, but we think he may have achondroplasia. He is 5 1/2 years old and lives in China.


Amity, this cutie pie from China, is 5 years old and LOVES to dance and listen to music. She is currently undiagnosed, but we think she might have something related to SED. She is a happy girl who would love to find her family!

lvie and Elsie are sisters who live in Eastern Europe. They have suspected Morquio dwarfism, and are five and 6 years old. Elsie, who is 5 years old, is shy but does express her ideas. She walks independently and feeds herself. Evie, who is 6 years old, is still working on mastering walking. They are adorable and need to find their family!


Noah, the boy on the left, has Robinow syndrome and is around 6 years old. He lives in China with his best friend Mason. Mason is deaf, and Noah is considered Mason's helper - they have their own special way of communicating. They would like to be adopted together, but if not, they would love to be able to stay in touch with each other because of their incredible bond. They both would love to find their family!


Violet (or Gracie) is a 6 1/2 year old girl who gets along with other children and loves to play games. She can run very fast, has great self-care, and is extroverted with people she knows. She has Chromosome 15 Ring syndrome, which is quite rare but does involve short stature. She definitely wants to find her family!

Gregory is 7 years old and is from China. He has an unknown diagnosis, but we are thinking right now that it may be in the Russell Silver category. He is described as being very cheerful, and loves having fun. He would love to find his family!


Joey is a smiley, handsome 7 year old boy with achondroplasia. He lives in China and loves fried chicken, of course. He also loves playing cards, and solving puzzles. He would love to find his family!

Willow is a beautiful 8 year old girl with OI who lives in China. She is talented at dance, she is attentive in school, and gets along with everyone. She loves books, songs, and recites poems. She would love to find her family!

Hazel is a cute 7 year old girl who lives in China who has growth hormone deficiency syndrome. Hazel can walk, skip, and stand on one foot. She can imitate drawing a circle, pick up peanuts with chopsticks, and knows "big and small", "right and left," and some colors. Hazel is a talkative girl who is fond of singing and playing with toys. She would love to find her family!

Faye is a 10 year old girl who is shy at first, but then becomes active and engaging once she gets to know the person. She lives in China, and has suspected SED or Morquio. She is attentive, polite, and she goes to school. She loves cartoons, too! She would love to find her family! (The agency has a $3000 grant to go with her adoption right now!)

Harrison is an 11 year old boy with possible SED. He has a lively imagination and does not have medical issues. He is described as being an active and very smart boy. He loves to take apart toys and put them back together - a future engineer in the making. Harrison has a $7500 subsidy grant through his agency, as well as LPA's $5000 grant for older boys, which is a great start to funding! He would love to find his family!!

"Stan" is an 11 year old boy with Achondroplasia, so he automatically meets the requirements for our $5000 grant! He lives in China and would love to find his family VERY soon!

Stellan is a smart young man from China who is 12 years old and has Morquio (MPS). He is a "model student" who loves not only language, but acting as well! He is polite and respectful, and loves to draw, write, sing, and dance. He's described as being outgoing, active, positive and brave. He sounds like a tremendous boy who just needs a family!  He has a $4000 grant!!!

                          Leo is back on the list! We couldn't find him for a while because we didn't know what agency was representing him, but here he is! This handsome boy used to be "Jerry" or "Arthur", but now the name he goes by is Leo. He is 11 1/2 years old and has achondroplasia. He is described as being shy at first, but then he quickly warms up. He loves school and answers questions with pizazz. He loves puzzles, legos, and is happiest when doing his art work. He is described as having a "concentration and learning ability greater than his peers." He has a $5000 grant from LPA, and would love to find his family! He has been on our list for over 4 years...he needs to come home VERY soon! 

Jalen is a beautiful  12 1/2 year old girl with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, who lives in China. She is described as "constantly smiling", and she recites poetry! She is cheerful, energetic, and has not started school, but has been learning on her own. She can walk (no running right now), and would love to find her family! And I forgot to mention - she has a $4000 grant!!

URGENT! Sydney has less than a year before time runs out for her to be adopted! Sydney is a 13 year old girl who lives in China, and who urgently needs a family to bring her home before she ages out of the adoption process on her 14th birthday next January. Sydney has Turner syndrome. Sydney lives with a foster family. She has developed well in all aspects. She can jump and climb. She attends school, where she studies math, Chinese, art, etc. She is serious about her homework, and consults her teachers and other students when she needs help. Her grades are average. In spite of being shorter than other students in the class, Sydney is confident! She is quiet, hardworking, and enjoys art projects. Sydney hopes for an adoptive family with a mom and dad of her own. A $3000 Special Blessings Grant is available toward Sydney's adoption fees.


URGENT! Sara has less 6 months before time runs out for her to be adopted! Sara is a 13 1/2 year old girl who lives in China, and who urgently needs a family to bring her home before she ages out of the adoption process on her 14th birthday in June. She has osteogenesis imperfecta (OI). She is unable to walk unsupported and uses a wheelchair to get around. Sara has been living with a foster family since 2007, and she has a close relationship with her foster parents. She can't attend school in her area because of her special needs, but she is receiving therapy and education at a special center. Her language development and literacy level are on target, and her math scores are below average. She is thought to have a high IQ and a strong ability to learn. Sara is an enthusiastic artist, she especially likes music and painting. She has an open, determined and kindhearted personality-she especially likes playing with other children and gets along well with others. A $5000 Special Blessings Grant is available toward Sara's adoption fees.