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LPA has been providing adoption grants to help fund the adoption of children for the past several years, but we would like to increase the amount that we give.  It is our eventual goal to help fund a majority of the costs for children who are 10 years old and up (and, if we have the funding, younger children as well).  Please donate to the Adoption Fund, and help these children get home to their families.  

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Any contribution is greatly appreciated.  No help is too small.
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Waiting Children

Kelby is  3 years old and is in China. He giggles a lot, says 'mama', and is a very curious child. He is described as being extroverted and active, and loves new toys. He has OI, and would love to find his family!


George is a 4 1/2  year old boy who lives in China. We are unsure of his diagnosis at this time (still waiting for more pictures without so many bundles of clothes). He is very short for his age, and he has a heart condition, and he happens to be super cute (apparently he is surprised by the camera!). He imitates words, is fond of listening to music, smiles easily, and is described as being extroverted. He definitely would like a family!

Acadia is very cute little girl who is 3 1/2  years old, and is from China. We think there is a chance she has Robinow syndrome, but there is no confirmation on that yet. She likes to happly jump, play games, and chase her friends. She also LOVES having her picture taken! She woudl love to find her family!

Ashton is such a cutie patootie. He is 5 years old and loves to play with other children, listen to music, and reading his books. He has an unknown form of dwarfism... if we receive any additional information, we will certainly update this page. He would love a family!


Devin is a handsome boy who is described as being extroverted and who loves to smile! He is five years old, and really enjoys people and loves teddy bears and playing ball. We think he may have possible Russell Silver Syndrome, but we don't know for sure. We do know that he definitely wants a family!

This is Nathan! He is listed as having Rickets, but we think he may have achondroplasia. He is 5 1/2 years old and lives in China.


Harmony is a 5 1/2 year old girl who lives in China. We don't know her diagnosis yet, but she is well below the growth curves. We are thinking it's possible that she may fall into the SED category. She loves to dance to music, and is described as "dancing to the world". She also loves to play games and play chase. She is helpful to the younger kids and shares toys with them. She would love to find her family!


Miles is an adorable 6 year old boy from China with possible Morquio syndrome. He loves music, and is a very happy boy, who loves to watch cartoons with his friends. He does have some medical delays, and he needs to find his family!


Violet (or Gracie) is a 6 1/2 year old girl who gets along with other children and loves to play games. She can run very fast, has great self-care, and is extroverted with people she knows. She has Chromosome 15 Ring syndrome, which is quite rare but does involve short stature. She definitely wants to find her family!

Gregory is 7 years old and is from China. He has an unknown diagnosis, but we are thinking right now that it may be in the Russell Silver category. He is described as being very cheerful, and loves having fun. He would love to find his family!


Payton is 12 years old and has OI. He is from China, and is described as being outgoing, sociable, and active. He would love to find his family!  He also has a $4000 grant!!!

Stellan is a smart young man from China who is 12 years old and has Morquio (MPS). He is a "model student" who loves not only language, but acting as well! He is polite and respectful, and loves to draw, write, sing, and dance. He's described as being outgoing, active, positive and brave. He sounds like a tremendous boy who just needs a family!  He has a $4000 grant!!!

Patrick is a wonderful boy who is 12 1/2 years old from China. He has OI and is described as being very smart and friendly. He has had many discussions with caretakers and would like to find his family. You can check out more information here: http://chinaspecialtreasures.blogspot.com/2016/02/patrick.html

Jalen is a beautiful  12 1/2 year old girl with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, who lives in China. She is described as "constantly smiling", and she recites poetry! She is cheerful, energetic, and has not started school, but has been learning on her own. She can walk (no running right now), and would love to find her family! And I forgot to mention - she has a $4000 grant!!

Handsome and thoughtful Jaxson is waiting in China for his family. He is 13 1/2 years old, and most likely has OI. He is described as being a "shy and lovely boy", and he enjoys hugs from his caretakers. We are hoping for a family very soon!  HE QUALIFIES FOR A $5000 LPA GRANT!!!

BACK ON THE LIST. We will do everything we can to find this handsome man a family. He did come to the Boston conference and got to experience the USA...and he desperately needs to come home to the love of a family, as well as some great medical care. This handsome young guy is 13 years old and has Diastrophic Dysplasia. He is from Latvia, and needs the process to be as fast as possible. Please share his story so he can come home ASAP.