Fundraising and Grants

There are a number of fundraising ideas that a family can use in order to help defray the costs of adoption.

Employee Benefit Programs: Perhaps your employer is among the roughly 25% of companies in the United States that offer some form of adoption benefits to their employees. Typical benefits may include reimbursements of adoption expenses; paid leave in addition to vacation time, sick leave, or personal days; and unpaid leave. Reimbursement amounts can run from $1,000 to $10,000. Adoptions Together maintains a list of employers that offer adoption assistance. To find out whether your employer offers adoption benefits, contact the human resources office where you work.

The LPA Adoption Fund: If you are a member of LPA, you can apply for monies that go toward your adoption of a child with dwarfism. Please contact for an application.

The IRS has a tax credit for adoptions for over $13,000 for expenses incurred. Please see the IRS website for more information.

Some Foundations and Sites that Offer Assistance:

A Child Waits Foundation:
A Child Waits Foundation provides low interest loans for families who do not have any other option than to request a loan in order to proceed with international adoption. They also offer international adoption grants as well!  You can visit to learn more.

Hebrew Free Loan Association: Hebrew Free Loan Association offers adoption loans (interest free) to Jewish families who demonstrate financial need and strong desire to adopt a child. Please visit their website at

Funds 4 Families:
Please visit or call (800) 451-3372 to find out more about home loans such as home equity plans, debt consolidation plans and refinancing plans. Also you can consult your bank or other current mortgage lender and a tax person regarding some tax benefits of the possible loans.

The National Adoption Foundation:
Grants ranging from $500 to $4,000 are available to prospective adoptive parents 4 times a year. You can access to the National Adoption Foundation's website at or call (203) 791-3811. For unsecured loans, please call (800) 626-2760 and for secured loans (800) 841-1982.

Bright Futures Adoption Assistance Foundation: The Bright Futures foundation helps orphans to find forever families by providing small grants to prospective adoptive parents. You can visit their website at

Gift of Adoption Fund:
Grants ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 are available monthly to families adopting children with serious medical issues and for low-income families. You can access Gift of Adoption Fund's website at http:// To contact the fund, please call (262)268-1386 or (877)905-2367, email address

Brittany’s Hope:
Brittany's Hope is a little different than most grant programs. They put grant money on specific children that are submitted to them by placing agencies in the hopes of getting potential families interested in the child. On their site you can see a photo listing of children and how much the grant is that is being offered for that child.
His Kids Too: His Kids Too is a Christian non-profit international humanitarian aid organization that provides aid to orphans and widows in several countries - their primary focus is Ukraine, Russia,and Albania. For parent(s) adopting international children, His Kids Too provides an adoption grant of up to $2,000 for one child, and up to $4,000 for two children. Grants are paid directly to the agency or facilitation service (for independent adoptions, grants approved on a case-by-case basis.)

Show Hope: Show Hope is dedicated to caring for orphans by engaging the church and helping Christian families reduce the financial burden of adoption. They accomplish this by awarding financial adoption grants to qualified families already in the process of adopting. The size of the grant awarded is determined by several factors, the most important being need. With a commitment in faith by the family, Show Hope will provide up to $7000 toward the cost of adopting, thereby reducing the financial barriers and allowing more families to experience the miracle of adoption. Don't let finances keep you from adopting a child.

The Shepherds Crook Ministries: The Shepherds Crook Ministries offers financial assistance to Christian families who are led to adopt any of the children listed on their web site. This is accomplished by awarding grants as their funds allow. Please contact them via e-mail if you desire an application for financial aid.

Salvation International: We will only consider applications from families that are concurrently fundraising on To begin the application process, you must have a complete certified home study that has been approved by a qualified agency or licensed professional in the state in which you reside.

Lifesong for Orphans:  Provides dollar for dollar matching grants, which act as catalysts in raising funds.  As donations come in for adoptive families, matching grant money becomes available.  Lifesong also has interest free loans to help families overcome the high cost of adoption.

Help Us Adopt:  Grants are awarded three times a year - February, June, and October.    Grants awarded are between $500 - $15,000. Must have a completed home study to apply.

Katelyn's Fund:  Awards grants to Christian families with a completed home study.  International grant applications must be submitted at least 90 days before travel, or within 45 days of domestic placement.

God's Grace Adoption Ministry: Uses matching grants to help families meet adoption expenses. The matching grant is usually up to $2500, but depends on the situation and funds available. GGAM sends a family a letter of commitment for a $2500 matching grant – the family then invites their friends, family, or church community to help match GGAM’s commitment – the family’s community responds with $2500 in matching donations – the family then receives $5000 in assistance towards adoption expenses.

Oxford Adoption:  The Oxford Adoption Foundation is a nonprofit charitable foundation that was formed in 2003 by Murray & Valerie Wise of Naples, Florida after they adopted seven-year old twins from Russia.  Oxford Adoption Foundation was formed to help families to adopt internationally by providing low interest loans to assist with the expenses associated with the international adoption process. Oxford provides up to $5000 per adopted child.

National Adoption Foundation: Families can apply for outright grants from the Foundation. The grant program is open to all legal adoptions including public or private agency adoptions, international, special needs or adoptions facilitated by an attorney. There is no income requirement. There is a simple one page application and the only requirement to apply is a home study, or one in progress. The Foundation’s board meets four times a year, during the last week of each quarter, to award adoption grants. 

National Adoption Foundation Loan Program:  The National Adoption Foundation, in conjunction with a leading national banking institution, is now pleased to bring to the adoption community an innovative financial loan program tailored to the needs of our community. This program is set up to provide anyone looking to adopt with the necessary financial resources to complete their adoption. Go to our site  for more details.