Monday, May 21, 2012

More New Children!!!

We just received a few new referrals over the weekend. Introducing:
William from Eastern Europe. He is four years old, and has an undiagnosed dwarfism. He can stand up on his own and is described as being a 'curious little guy', who likes to be around people.
Adam from Russia. He is three years old, and has achondroplasia. We are still waiting on more details about him, but we can tell you that he is cute!
Madison from Russia. She has dwarfism, possibly OI. She is three years old, and is described as being musical and artistic. Also, she is 'personality plus', and steals the hearts of everyone who meets her.
Zhang Jie from China. He has achondroplasia, and is 7 years old. He is in the Shaanxi province and has quite a charming smile. We are waiting for more information on him.


  1. I would love any information on Zhang Jie that you receive.
    He seems like such a special boy!

  2. I think I love Adam because he looks just like my son! If you could pass any info on to me that you have about him I would be very grateful. Thanks!