Friday, July 20, 2012

Howie has a family!

"Howie/Hughie" has a family! We are so happy for him, and for his family. Let's hope that the adoption process is smooth and fast.


  1. oh such lucky parents!!!! he's a cutie for sure.

  2. We are his blessed family! Yahoo!!!!! We hope to bring "Howie" whom we renamed Hagan, and his little brother Griggs home from China, January or February! Griggs also has dwarfism. We were matched with Griggs first and then found Howie in the same orphanage - the orphanage has since moved them both into the same foster family - it was amazing to see photos from the day they were brought together as forever brothers! If you'd like to follow our journey - we'd love to have you come along!
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