Sunday, October 19, 2014

"Ethan", 12 years old, is still available and he has grants!

Ethan has a $2500 grant from the placement adoption agency, and LPA will give a larger grant than usual to the family who has adopted him.  Now is the time for Ethan to find his family!

Ethan loves to participate in group activities at the school and has won the "good student" and "model worker" awards. He is interested in sports and won skating and softball awards in the Special Olympics. 
He also performed in a school play.

Ethan is a good helper --he helps the teacher pass out and collect things.  His teacher and the students like him. He is also willing to help aunts do whatever thing, like holding a bowl, wash the dishes, wash the toys, their own thing also try to do it themselves, such as brush shoes, clothes. Sometimes also help take care of younger siblings.
Ethan is polite.  He likes and is good at sports, like playing badminton, and basketball. He has a lively personality, but sometimes can be quiet and elegant, He can paint and write smoothly.  He will sing songs and pop songs, and can dance very well.

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