Monday, January 23, 2012

7 1/2 year old boy from China with Ellis van Creveld Dysplasia

This handsome boy is located in the province of Qinghai in China. He has a rare type of dwarfism, called Ellis van Creveld Dysplasia. For more information about this type of dwarfism, please check out:

He is in pain when he stands, and he needs corrective leg surgery. Otherwise, he's a healthy boy who is cared for very well. He is in foster care, which is a great thing. Although he is cared for, he would still love to find his loving family.

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  1. I just hear that this young man is now on WACAP's list. WACAP received a developmental update for this child and it is all good news. His CWI has started the surgical steps to facility his mobility. Get his file and read the update. You will be amazed.