Thursday, January 12, 2012

Please consider adopting this handsome young man before he "ages out".

Fred is an outgoing boy who was not too shy when talking with adoption agency social workers. He attends school outside of the orphanage, which is a great plus. It is reported that he is quite smart. He’s a very good student and above average. His favorite subject is math. He enjoys playing when outside of school, especially with a ball. He has many friends of all ages. He’s very active and likes to run. He says that some of his favorite things are snacks and new clothes. Fred says that nothing makes him sad. When he sees an injustice for himself or others, he tells the teachers. His caregivers report that he is a hearty eater. He was very polite and always smiled at the volunteers when he saw them walk by during their visit to the institute. He just turned 13 in October, which means he is "aging out" this year. This means he does not get the opportunity to get adopted after this year - in other words, this is his last chance. He also has a $4200 grant to help with his adoption.

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